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Assay Office Birmingham has compiled the latest UK Hallmarking figures for the month of March 2015 and Quarter 1.
After a strong February when Hallmarking figures were 7.9% up on the previous year, March showed a dip for all categories except Platinum, leaving the first Quarter of 2015 relatively flat, 1.4% down against 2014. The figures, compiled from all four UK Assay Offices, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Sheffield confirm a continuing decline in the number of silver hallmarks struck, down by 71,852 or 6.4% in the first quarter of 2015 against last year. Meanwhile, Gold is on the up and 18ct in particular has shown strong growth in the first quarter being 20,700 units, i.e. 12.4% up. Platinum has also performed well and 5,200, i.e. 8.8% more platinum hallmarks were struck than in the first quarter. Hallmarking figures provided by the four UK Assay Offices and compiled by Assay Office Birmingham.